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Chapter 5

They wandered through the cave tunnel for some time before the rock walls and floor became lined with long streams of paper towels.  He harthen continued onward, looking around them bewildered.  Streams of toilet paper became added to the confusion.

“I guess the fraternity's been here already,” Neshae observed.

“I don't know,” Willie said.  “Why would they start with the paper towels?  Toilet paper is what they typically use for TP-ing yards.”

“And why here?” Nathyn wondered.  “I'm a stupid college kid and want to cause some mischief.  Time to TP a cave no one's going to see!”

“Maybe they were drunk,” Nillie suggested.  “People do stupid things when they're drunk.”  Willie and Neshae made no comment.

Nathyn walked up to the wall and poked at it.  The paper products seemed to be fastened to the walls with some kind of oil.  A lot of effort went into this display for it to be just a prank.

“Is that a barrel?”  Neshae pointed to a shape further down the tunnel.

As they got closer they confirmed that it was indeed a barrel.  A light dusting of gun powder was spread on the floor around it and on the paper and oil mixture on the walls.

Neshae opened the cap and sniffed the contents.  “Gasoline.  Actually kind of weird for kids to leave with their TP bull shit.”

“This is getting worrying,” Nillie said.  “It seems like this whole tunnel is designed to go up in flames.”

“Does seem a tad incendiary,” Neshae agreed.

“Well lets get out of here fast before someone sets it off,” Willie suggested.

“Don't have to tell me twice.”  Nillie took a step forward, accidentally activating a pressure plate hidden under a carpet of toilet paper.  “Fuck.”

“What was that?” Nathyn asked.

“I'm not sticking around to find out!”

They took off running down the tunnel.  They ran past more and more barrels and paper products so that they were running through low hanging ribbons of toilet paper and jumping over kegs of flammable materials.  Behind them they could hear an explosion as the fire they had triggered reached the first barrel.

They picked up speed, but could still feel the heat of the raging inferno behind them quickly catching up.  More explosions sounded and the earth shook as more barrels were succumbing to the fire.  An orange glow began to take over the tunnel, the fire's light reflecting off the oily rocks.

“I think I see an opening ahead!” Willie exclaimed over the chaos erupting no so far behind.

They jumped out of the tunnel just as the last of the barrels were exploding and the fire raced forward to claim them.  They had barely escaped the tunnel but now they were falling through the air.  The tunnel had ended at a cliff.

Neshae's wings came out and he reached for the closest of his friends.  He grasped Willie by the arm and Nillie and Nathyn each latched onto one of his legs.  It was more weight than the vampire was used to carrying during flight, but he managed to glide through the semi darkness over what appeared to be a massive underground river.

There just so happened to be a large raft sitting on the surface.  They didn't know where it had come from, but Neshae landed on it anyway, desperate to relieve his aching wings.  They all collapsed on the wooden boards and caught their breath.

The fire still raged on the cliff behind them, its light partially illuminating their surroundings.  Rocks and loosened debris fell from the cave ceiling near the cliff, splashing into the river and releasing a strong fruity scent.  It seemed that the river was not water, but juice instead.

“Why...” Nathyn started.

“Don't question it,” Nillie told him.  “At this point I've stopped caring.  It's still not the weirdest thing I've seen today.”

“We shouldn't drink it though,” Willie suggested.  “As many things on this island that have tried to kill us, we shouldn't trust it.”

“Wasn't really planning to,” Nillie replied.

“I don't think it's been refrigerated,” Neshae added.  “And yet, it hasn't fermented.”

“I said don't think about it,” Nillie barked.  “I just wanna take a moment to relax and not think about this acid trip nightmare we're walking through.”

Everyone could agree with that.  They sat in silence as the current took them farther away from the dying fire behind them and into the darkness ahead.  Nathyn fished out his light marble and held it ready for when they needed it.
TrollingQuest Chapter 5
Because every good story needs explosions.
Chapter 4

Neshae and Nathyn left the room, leaving Willie and Nillie to guard the flag.  Nillie leaned against the wall, guns out and ready.  “What time is it?”

Willie looked at the tablet.  “A little after eight.  It seems like the place either has already closed for the day or has been closed for a while.  Not sure which.  But I think those animatronics will be waking up soon.”

He flipped through various screens.  The kitchen camera seemed to be out, which made the harthen nervous.  There was no way to know what was in there without going in.  But then again, the guy on the phone only described the three on the stage, hadn't he?  Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure.  And he couldn't find a playback button on the phone.

He would just have to hope they only had to worry about the three.  Though he had a bad feeling about a screen labled “Pirate Cove.”  Maybe that puppet from earlier was back there.  The harthen had seen no sign of that thing since being transported here.  It certainly didn't have the same voice that had been on the phone.

Flipping to the screen that showed the bathrooms, Willie could see Nathyn look around nervously before disappearing into the men's room.  A moment later he came back out empty handed and entered the women's.  There was also a camera in what looked like a broom closet where Neshae was poking around.  No sign of a flag.

There were two cameras in each of the hallways on either side of the office.  Both were thankfully empty of animatronics.  Willie noticed they didn't seem to reach the spots just outside the doors.  He guessed that was what the lights were for.  A chill went down his spine at the thought of an animatronic looking in at him through the windows.

“If they do get in...” Nillie hesitated, “'d be able to hack them, right?”

“Maybe,” he answered.  “That depends on I I can do so before they kill us.  I don't exactly have a turn on switch.”

Nillie nodded and didn't say anything more.  Willie went back to watching the cameras.  Neshae had found the stage and was poking at the animatronics.  Willie sighed.  The vampire didn't ake this seriously as usual.

“Neshae!” Nathyn hissed.  “Stop that!”

“Why?” the vampire asked.  “They haven't woken up yet.  We're fine.”

“Not for long.  We need to find that flag and get out of here before they do.”

Neshae got off the stage to humor his friend.  He then set off to check the kitchen while Nathyn continued to look under tables.  In the kitchen Neshae looked around, but found no flag.  He managed to find some leftover pizza in the fridge though.  He took a break from the game to help himself to a few pieces.

Nathyn looked underneath a table.  No flag.  He got up and looked behind him at the animatronics.  They gave him the creeps.  Then his heart skipped a beat as the bunny's eyes suddenly lit up.  The harthen dove under the table, his heart pounding.  Time was up.  The animatronics were beginning to move.

The bunny turned its head a few times, then walked off the stage.  Nathyn held his breath as it walked past the table he hid under.  It then disappeared into a room to the side.  Nathyn wondered if perhaps the flag was in there.

The chicken was next to begin moving.  It left the stage and lingered in the party room before heading toward the kitchen.  Nathyn didn't know what to do.  He was pretty sure that was where Neshae had gone, but there didn't seem to be any way to warn him.  He looked up at the bear.  It seemed to be looking directly at him, watching him, but did not move.

Neshae had a slice of pizza halfway in his mouth when he heard the heavy, metal footsteps approaching the kitchen.  He glanced around frantically for a hiding place, then ducked into a pantry.  He closed the door behind him as the animatronic entered the room.

He held his breath for a moment, hearing the footsteps stop.  He didn't hear anything else for a moment and finished eating his pizza as quietly as he could.  He heard the sound of dishes clinking, like it was looking for something.  Or someone.

Something on an upper shelf fell against the door, knocking it open.  Neshae's heart skipped a beat and he disappeared in camouflage,  He could see the chicken just outside the pantry looking in at the new noise.  Neshae's heart pounded.

Please don't see me, he thought.  Please don't see me.  Please don't see me.

After an agonizingly long moment the chicken turned and left the kitchen.  Neshae let out the breath he'd been subconsciously holding in relief.  He crept to the kitchen door and looked at the window.  The only animatronic he could see was the bear still on the stage.  He opened the door and stepped out.

“Neshae!”  Nathyn was hiding under a table.  The vampire ducked under it to join him.

“If I'd known we were having an under the table party I would have brought some pizza.”

This is no time for joking.  The chicken went back towards the office and the bunny is in that room over there.  I think that might be where the flag is.  You might be the only one that can get in there.”

Neshae nodded.  They were both distracted from their thoughts as a voice began singing from the curtain labeled “Pirate Cove.”

“Did either of them go in there?” Neshae asked.

Nathyn shook his head.  “There must be more of them.”

A face appeared in the space between the curtains.

“Nillie, they're waking up!” Willie exclaimed.  He watched as the bunny came to life.  Hopefully Nathyn and Neshae managed to hide.  The bunny left the stage and went into the room containing spare parts and costumes, the room Willie guessed was where they'd be taken if found.  He shuddered at the thought.

Nillie didn't say anything.  She stared into the darkness outside the left door.  Willie flipped through the screens, trying to locate everyone.  He couldn't see anything in the kitchen but could hear clanking and a crash.  On the stage only the bear remained.  He checked the hall and saw a figure down the right.  He leaped from his seat and hit the button to close the right door.  Turning on the light, he could see the chicken looking in at him.  He backed away.

Nillie had her guns aimed at it.  “Can they get through that?”

“I hope not.  I think the doors are magnetically sealed.  My eye gets static when they're closed.  That must be why it takes power to have them on.  That just might keep them out.”

“Turn on the light again.  Make sure it's still there.  We need to save power.”

Willie inched his way toward the door.  With a trembling hand he pushed the light button.  The chicken was gone.  He opened the door and sat back down to check the cameras again.  Was that singing he heard from Pirate Cove?

Neshae went into camouflage and crept into the room the bunny had gone into.  He could see the animatronic inside, staring at the camera.  What hit him the most was the smell.  He knew that smell.  Rotting flesh.  He thought he had smelled it when he had been messing with the animatronics, but in here the smell was so much stronger.

Gagging, the vampire glanced around.  He saw lots of robotic parts but no flag and he wasted no time in getting back out.  Taking a few gulps of fresh air he quickly dove under a table again as he noticed the animatronic pirate fox standing in the room.

Willie flipped through the camera screens.  The chicken was standing by the restrooms.  For some reason its head was twitching and glitching, severely unnerving the harthen.  He switched over to the stage again.  The bear still stood where he was.  He checked the the right hallway.  All was clear.  He checked the left hallway and his heart leaped at the sight of the animatronic racing past the camera toward the office.

He spun to face Nillie.  “Door!”

Nillie hit the button to shut the left door just as the fox reached it.  It pounded on the door a few times and Willie scrambled to the other door to keep it from coming around to the other side.  This one seemed smarter and more violent and aggressive than the others.

“I think it's gone,” Nillie said.

Willie shook his head.  “Keep them closed for a while.”

“How's the power?”

Willie checked the tablet.  “We don't have much left.  I hope they find that flag soon.”  They both reopened the doors.  To vent some frustration Willie yanked the cord of the fan out of the wall.

Neshae had gotten out from under the table when the fox left to look in Pirate Cove for the flag, but immediately had to go back under when it came running back in.  “This is getting us nowhere.”

“That's the only place we haven't looked.  It has to be in there,” Nathyn said.

“Okay.  I'll distract it.  You go in and grab the flag and run back to the office as fast as you can.”  Befoe Nathyn could respond the vampire was already out and approaching Pirate Cove.  He yanked open the curtain catching the fox's attention.  At that same moment the bunny and the chicken entered the area and spotted him as well.  Neshae ran to the opposite end of the room to keep them looking away from the cove.

They all followed after him and Nathyn took off into the cove.  As soon as he went in, the lights all went out.  There was a short silence as the power went out.  The harthen fumbled with his marbles.  He needed at least some light to see the flag.

Willie's heart pounded.  All was dark.  He could no longer see through the canvas.  He couldn't see anything.  He heard mechanical footsteps approach the office.  He pounded on the door button, desperately trying to close it.  Nillie was next to him, guns ready.

Two eyes and a mouth lit up in the darkness, making them jump back.  Music began playing, the animatronic celebrating his victory.  There was a click as Nillie pulled the trigger on her gun, but nothing happened.  There were several more clicks and Willie's panic grew.

“Shit!” Nillie exclaimed.

Footsteps raced down the other hall.  A soft, gold light emanated from the doorway and hope was restored.  Had Nathyn and Neshae found the flag just in time?

Neshae dodged the hook of the fox and a hand from the bunny.  He rolled to the side, drawing his Fire Blade.  He swore when the blade refused to come out.  He was fighting blind in the pitch darkness, his dark sight only able to see so much with no light.  It was only just barely enough to see the robotic limbs coming at him.  He had to rely mostly on sound.

He managed to stumble into the kitchen.  He hoped Nathyn hurried with that flag.  He was running out of room to back up.  The animatronics just kept coming at him.  His stomach clenched as his back his the wall.  The fox lunged at him.

A bell sounded throughout the restaurant.  Neshae opened his eyes as the lights powered back on.  The fox was inches from his face, its jaws gaping and its hook next to his head.  The others were right behind it. They seemed frozen.

Then he was suddenly with his friends again, back in the cave where they had seen the puppet.  Had it all been a dream?

“What happened?” Willie asked.

“I think we won,” Nathyn answered.  “I got the flag in the office and then was just suddenly here again.”

“Well that was...interesting.”  Nillie put her guns back in her boots.

“I'm glad to be away from that place,” Willie said.

“I dunno, the pizza was alright,” Neshae commented.

“Well if we don't hurry those fraternity jerks could beat us to the treasure,” Nathyn reminded them.  “They weren't that far behind and we spent some time playing the worst game of capture the flag ever.”

“Yeah I'm sure they sacrificed another of their own to get past the baby dragons,” Nillie scowled as she stormed past the others deeper into the cave.

After a few minutes they were stopped again by another curious sight.

“What is that?” Nillie asked.

Neshae scratched his head.  “It looks like a handy bog handling a horse while playing hopscotch on hot lave eating hummus and hot wings and watching haunted houses howl on his hiphone.”
TrollingQuest Chapter 4
Because pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza
Chapter 3

The dragon had not flown far before landing at the entrance of a cave.  Neshae was dropped on the rocky floor inside.  After a roll he got to his feet and immediately took a defensive position.

The dragon blocked the entrance, growling at him.  Behind him was a nest of five eggs, each larger than the vampire.  All of the eggs were moving.  One of the shells cracked, while another was already breaking apart.  An eye peered through a large hole.

Suddenly Neshae understood.  The dragon had brought him here to teach her babies how to hunt.  At knot formed in his stomach.  It would have to be dragons.  He never liked the thought of harming dragons. One of his best friends growing up had been one.

One of the babies broke completely out of the egg.  The rest were well on their way.  Its scales gleamed in the light from outside.  It made its first sounds as it sniffed the air hungrily.  In a few seconds its head turned to Neshae.  Having located its first meal it headed in his direction.

Neshae backed away.  He glanced around trying to find a way to escape.  The vampire could easily take on the baby dragons and probably evade the mother, but he really did not want to do that.

Outside the cave the other three harthen caught up.  Crouched behind a rock, they observed the dragon at the entrance, but could find no trace of Neshae.  But they also could not see inside the cave from their angle.

“He's probably dead,” Nathyn sugggested.

“I don't want to assume that and leave him here to get eaten,” Willie said.  “Besides, I'm pretty sure that cave is where we have to go for the treasure.”

Nillie aimed her guns at the dragon.  “Well then lets simplify things.”

Willie put a hand on her arm.  “Wait.  I don't think these will do much more than anger it.  And also, remember Neshae talking about the dragon friend he had?  He may not like us killing one.”

“He also won't like us hiding behind a rock watching as it eats him.”

“If that cave leads to the treasure he might have already made it through,” Nathyn said.  “He could have gotten away from the dragon and just booked it.”

Willie nodded.  “Maybe.  We have to get over there to find out though.”

“Any ideas?” Nillie asked.

Suddenly a cry rang through the air.  The three harthen jumped, at first fearing it might be their missing friend meeting his end.  The dragon turned its head as a human ran towards it with his arms up in the air.  As soon as he realized he had the reptile's attention he turned away and ran in another direction yelling “SPRING BREAK!!!” at the top of his lungs.  Seeing another prey to teach her babies, the dragon took off after him.

The harthen did not understand what was happening, but they weren't about to waste the opportunity.  They left the shelter of the rock and headed to the cave.

They weren't alone in this.  A group of humans ran into the cave with them.  They all appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties.  They were cheering as they ran in, unconcerned that they might attract the dragon's attention with their noise.

“It worked!” one of them cheered.

“You shouldn't have made him do that!” a girl approached him.  Her face was red with anger.  “He might be killed!”

“So?” the first asked, unfazed.  “His sacrifice will not go in vain.  We will get the treasure back and Delta Alpha Omega Beta Gamma Nu will be the best, most bad ass fraternity that ever existed!”

“At the cost of your friends?”

“He was a freshman and he took one for the team.”

Nillie was furious.  “Fucking humans!”  She started toward them.  “If you think lives are just pawns to be sacrificed at a whim--”

She then had the fraternity's attention.  The first to speak, obviously the leader of the bunch, looked their way.  “Hey, look!  Nekos!”

Willie's ears lowered in exasperation.  “Really?”

Nathyn chuckled.  “Better than cat, at least, right?”

“I think my favorite was that dude that assumed we were those monkey people that turn into King Kong apes during the full moon and are obsessed with collecting balls.”  Neshae was suddenly next to them.   “We should run.”  He took off toward a tunnel at the back of the cave.  The harthen were now aware of the nest of baby dragons coming at them.

“Nillie!” Willie called as he and Nathyn ran after Neshae.  The female looked back, saw the danger, and abandoned her quest to teach the stupid college humans a lesson.

They stopped after a while to catch their breath.  Neither of them knew how far back the dragons were, but they imagined the fraternity was providing a distraction.  Hopefully they were safe for the moment.

There hopes were dashed when a figure appeared at the edge of the light provided by Nathyn's light marble.  It looked like a marionette, a black body with a head that was like a smiling porcelain mask.

“What the hell is that?” Neshae asked.

“Would you like to play a game?” the puppet asked.

Suddenly they were no longer in the cave.  The harthen glanced around disoriented at their new surroundings.  They were in a small room with two doors.  Each door had a button to close it and a light to shine down the hall.  In front of them was a desk piled with little trinkets, a desk fan, a tablet, a phone, and a cupcake.

Nathyn picked up the tablet.  He could see a room as though through a security camera.  There were three animatronic characters unmoving on a stage: a bear, a chicken, and a bunny.

“Where are we?” Nillie asked.

“I don't know,” Willie answered.  “But I don't like it.  It feels...creepy...”

“Wait till you see this.”  Nathyn showed them the tablet.  He flipped through various screens.  “It looks like we're in some child's nightmare.”

“Cool.  Maybe we'll find some pizza,” Neshae hoped.

The phone rang.  All four of them watched it, neither quite willing to answer.  Fortunately the answering machine kicked on and began recording.

“Hello?  Hello?  Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Capture the Flag.  I just wanted to let you know what the rules are and what to expect from the game.  I assure you you're perfectly safe, it's not that hard.  You just have to find the enemy flag from it's hiding place in the restaurant and keep the other team from getting in your office to get your flag.  Then once you have the other flag you just make your way back to the office and then you win.  See?  Easy.

“Now one thing you should probably know, the other team, Freddy and his friends, do tend to get a bit quirky at night.  So you might wanna get that flag and end the game before it gets dark.  They do sometimes wander around when the place is closed.  If they see you, they might think you're one of them.  And since it's against the rules for them to be without a costume they might try to force you ineo one.  Now that wouldn't be so bad if the suits weren't filled with crossbeams...”

“What the hell is this?” Nathyn asked.

“Shhh...” Willie put a hand up.

“...but really there's nothing to worry about.  It's gonna be a breeze.  Just find their flag and get to your office, keep an eye on the power, and you've got this.  See you on the flipside.”

“Okay...” Neshae started.

“So we have to get a flag before the sun goes down.  Big deal.” Nillie said.  “What time is it?”

“This says it's pretty close,” Nathyn answered.  “We need to find it fast.”

“Someone should stay here so they can guard the flag.” Willie pointed to the flag hanging on the wall.  “If we keep the doors closed they can't get in, right?”

Neshae pushed the button on a door and it closed.  Willie's left eye suddenly filled with static.  Nathyn looked at the tablet where it indicated the amount of power remaining.  “We can't keep them closed for long.  They use power.”

“Are you serious?” Nillie asked.  “Who the hell would design a room like that?”

Neshae pushed the button again and opened the door, causing the static in Willie's eye to clear.  “Someone sadistic.  Hell I'd bet he's made other rooms like this where there are no doors to close.”

“I don't like that.”  Willie held his cane close to his chest.  “I don't like any of this.  We need to find that flag pronto.  Nathyn, you and Neshae go find it.  Nillie and I will stay and hold down the fort.”
TrollingQuest Chapter 3
Because I could not resist.
Chapter 2

It was sometime the next afternoon when Neshae was awoken again.  Phoenix had been anchored off an island Neshae presumed was the one pointed to on the treasure map.  The vampire wasted no time in getting to the shade of the trees and waited for his companions to catch up.  Jomeiah was visiting another friend at the moment so the only ones that came ashore were Willie, Nathyn, and Nillie.

“So what's it like?” Willie inquired.

“Just some werewolves over there.”  Neshae gestured toward nothing but sand and trees.  “There's a colony of five-headed bees playing poker in that tree over there.”

“Safe.  Got it.” Nillie cut him off.  “Any clues as to where this treasure is?”

Neshae shrugged.  “Dunno.  Ya'll have the map.  I didn't even look at it.  I just grabbed and delivered.”

“Of course,” Nillie said under her breath.

“Well I did look at the map and I believe we go this way.” Willie pointed Westward and began moving.  Nathyn nodded and followed him, followed by Nillie and Neshae.

It was not long before they came across a curious sight.  A table sat in seemingly the middle of nowhere.  Four legs made of wood peeked out from under a red and white checkered table cloth that was lightly disturbed by the gentle breeze.  A shiny, red apple sat on a white dish in the middle.  It was so unexpected that they all stopped in their tracks.

“Does someone live out here?” Nathyn wondered.

“Maybe.  It's possible.  But if so where are they?” Willie glanced around.

“I don't like this.” Nillie pulled out one of her guns.  “Something doesn't feel right.”

“Maybe we should just keep going,” Willie suggested.

“What if it's a mark leading to the treasure?” Nathyn asked.  “What else would it be?”

“A trap,” Nillie answered.

Neshae approached the table.  He cocked his head and poked the apple.  Immediately a long, purple tentacle with blue spots sprouted from the apple and wrapped around his wrist.

Shouts of alarm rang out as more tentacles sprouted from the table and the legs began crawling across the same.  Another tentacle grabbed Neshae's leg and he was lifted off the ground.  More tentacles swatted at the others, trying to claim as many victims as it could.

The four reacted simultaneously.  In the same moment Neshae sliced at the tentacles holding onto him while Nillie shot at the ones closest to her, fire erupted from Willie's cane, and Nathyn pulled out the magic marbles Willie had let him use to give the monster a nasty blast of fire.  In the next instant Nillie shot a missile at the table itself, causing it to explode into flying chunks of gore.

“Okay our new rule should be to touch absolutely nothing except hopefully the treasure,” Nathyn observed.

“Noted,” Neshae replied.  The others nodded.

In moments they were on the right track again.  Before long they came across a river cutting across the island.

“Where to?” Nillie asked.

“We'll have to cross somehow,” Willie answered.

“Looks like there's a log over there.” Nathyn pointed downstream where a large tree had fallen over the river, creating a bridge.

As they headed for the log, something shiny caught Neshae's eye.  Against a rock in the water was a glass bottle.  Inside, the vampire could clearly see a rolled up scrap of paper.

“Hey, check this out,” Neshae called as he picked up the bottle.  He opened it and unrolled the message inside.

“What does it say?” Willie asked.

“It says the treasure's been moved.”  Neshae handed him the paper.

“To the casino down the river?” Nillie read over Willie's shoulder.  “Sounds fishy to me.”

“Yeah I figure we'd probably have seen more people if there were a casino,” Nathyn said.  “Sounds like a trap.”

“What if some human found it and opened a casino with the money?” Neshae said.

“Think about what you just said and tell me why it's wrong,” Nillie told him.

Neshae shrugged.  “Was just a thought.  I've learned to never underestimate human stupidity.  They do illogical things all the time.”

“Building a casino on an uncharted island out of treasure some pirate left here hundreds of years ago seems like a bit of a stretch.”

“I agree with Nillie on this one,” Willie said.  “If we follow the map and it leads nowhere we'll come back and see how legitimate this is.”

“Or we could save some time and I'll go fly and see if the casino is real.  I'll catch up after,” Neshae offered.

“I guess if you really want to...” Willie showed Neshae the map.  They studied the route Willie was taking so Neshae would be able to find them again.  Then the vampire took off down the river.

Fifteen minutes later a huge shadow swept over the remaining three.  Looking up they saw a large, black dragon flying overhead.  In one of it's claws was Neshae, struggling and swearing.

“Is that...?” Nillie pointed.

“Yeah,” Nathyn answered and they took off running after the dragon to offer Neshae assistance.

Chapter 1

The full moon illuminated the night sky and their glow was reflected off the waves that crashed against the shore, boats, anything they could reach on the small island of Laone.  A stronger light still was what shone through the windows of the tavern by the docks, occasionally blocked as a customer or waitress crossed the room.  It was a busy night and the staff had their hands full.

A blue-skinned harthen sat in one corner, the quietest table he could find in the establishment.  He sipped on a glass of juice, doing his best to keep an eye on each of his shipmates, both of which were drinking heavily.

In another corner, circled by a curious crowd, was another harthen.  William Walloo, previously known as the infamous pirate Willie Wally the Wonder, was in a drinking contest with a pirate from another crew.  Shot glasses took up most of the space on the table, most of them empty.  The smell of rum was thick in the air and Nathyn was pretty sure the two were sweating alcohol by now.

“There is...” the other pirate started.  He took a second to recollect his thoughts.  “ in HELL...a little...lightweight...kitten like yourself...can beat me...” He finished by downing his next shot.

Willie's already flushed face reddened further at the comment.  He could never tolerate being called a cat.  “Too bad...for you, HARTHEN can...out drink any...pathetic human dunk...any day of the week!”  He proceeded to not only down his next shot, but three others before his opponent could respond.

Most of the staff had already learned how much the harthen captain could put away, particularly in a drinking contest.  They began clearing away some of the empty glasses and replacing them with full ones.  Willie was far from finished.

The human pirate stared at the full glasses in front of him.  Willie had raised the bar by drinking four shots is one go.  Now he had to match it or admit defeat.  His hand was unsteady as he took the first and downed it.  A few of his crew mates offered words of encouragement.

Willie sat back, his tail twitching with confidence.  He would tell this human had already had too much.  If he finished this round, he'd be impressed.  But the next round would be the last at most.

His opponent took the second glass.  He downed it.  Then suddenly his eyes widened and he dove for the bucket a waitress had had the foresight to supply.  There was a chorus of cheers and boos alike and Willie jumped out of his seat, downing all the remaining shots and throwing his arms up in victory before falling over onto the table.

This was his cue.  Nathyn got up from his seat and pushed his was through the crowd to his unconscious companion.  With Willie over his shoulder he glanced around for Neshae.  He had lost track of the vampire.  After a quick scan Nathyn decided to get Willie to the ship and if Neshae wasn't already there he'd come back and look for him.

He was more than happy to leave the tavern.  The salty air was as welcome as the cool breeze of the calm night.  Nathyn had never been one for crowds, but someone had to keep an eye on the guys while they were drinking and make sure they made it back to the ship safely.  Particularly Neshae.  He always seemed to find trouble.

Nathyn's tail twitched as he boarded Phoenix.  Her ropes immediately lowered to retrieve her fallen captain and ease the weight from Nathyn's shoulder.

“You have returned with the Master,” Willie's robot, EARL, announced as he emerged from the cabin door.  “But I only count two of you.  Are my optical receptors malfunctioning or--”

“Neshae's still back there somewhere,” Nathyn cut off.  “I gotta go back for him.”  

“Affirmative.” EARL received Willie from Phoenix's ropes and disappared into the cabin.  After stretching his arms a bit, Nathyn retraced his steps back toward Laone Tavern.

Neshae crept through the darkness, stalking a victim.  A human girl was walking alone at night.  How could he not take advantage of the opportunity?  He was hungry and the drinks weren't cutting it.

Unfortunately, the alcohol had interfered with his stealth skills.  The girl was well aware that someone was following her by now.  Every now and then she would send a glance over her shoulder or call out asking if someone was there.  

She looked around one last time before disappearing down an ally.  Neshae, in his vampire camouflage, strolled on in after her.  He was taken by surprise when something hit the side of his head, sending him falling against a wall.

Someone attempted to bind his hands behind his back, but he easily shook them off.  He got to his feet, surrounded by several humans, two males and three females including the one who had lured him into this trap.  Neshae drew his Fire Blade, illuminating their faces and taking them by surprise.

“Luke!  Your crossbow!” One of the women shouted, causing oe of the men to fumble with with his weapon.  Neshae went into camouflage, disappearing to the humans, then reappeared behind Luke, his blade at his neck, just far enough away that it wasn't actually burning him.

“There's no need for that,” the vampire told his hostage.

“Don't hurt him!” the first woman cried out.

“Why not?” Neshae asked.  “Five against one seems kind of one sided.  And I'm pretty hungry.  Why not even the odds just a little?”

Luke's heart rate picked up.  Neshae could barely hold in his laughter.  These humans were trying to be vampire hunters, but were low level at best.  He had been fighting off more experienced hunters back in his teens.

“If you harm him I will simply make your death more painful,” another woman threatened.  She raised a crossbow of her own.  “Release him.  Don't think I won't kill him to kill you.”

This one just might mean business.  Neshae considered his options.  On one hand, he could get away very easily empty handed.  On the other hand, he was still hungry and did not want to admit defeat against rookies like these.  Keeping his grip on his hostage he withdrew the Fire Blade.  Instead of putting it away though, he used it to make a flash of light.  While the others were stunned he summoned his wings and took off in flight.  His prey kicked and screamed and was answered by cries of his friends below.

“If you don't kill me, I'll make it worth your while!” the human sputtered.

“Heh, yeah?”

“Yeah!  I have a treasure map in my pocket!  If you spare me you can have it!”

Neshae landed on a roof.  The cries of the humans were close behind.  He wouldn't have much time.  Despite the cries of protest, he big into the human's neck and drank his fill.  After a moment he released his captive and searched his pockets for the promised treasure map, then took off into the night.  The human would wake up before long and reunite with his friends and they would probably brag about their encounter later.  And Neshae got a meal and a map out of it.

On the ground close to the tavern Neshae spotted Nathyn.  The vampire landed next to his friend, catching his irritated attention.

“Where have you been?” Nathyn asked.

“Where have YOU been?” Neshae replied.

“Looking for you.  Willie's already passed out and you've--”

Before he could finish Neshae shoved his spoils under the harthen's nose.  “Been finding our next adventure!”

Nathyn took the map and opened it.  “Where did you get this?”

“It was the toy that came with my kiddie meal.”

Nathyn raised an eyebrow at the answer but didn't question it further.  He didn't really want to know about Neshae's hunting details.  He was assured that the vampire never actually killed any of his victims, but Nathyn had seen Neshae fight and knew that he could be ruthless when angry.

“This does look promising.  Willie can look over it when he wakes up.  Right now it's my job to make sure you get back to the ship in one piece.”  Nathyn put a hand on Neshae's shoulder and guided him in the direction he wanted him to go.

Neshae giggled.  “Still can't get used to that.”

“Used to what?”

“Getting back in one piece.”  Neshae giggled again.  “Used to be six pieces.”

“Whatever.”  Nathyn shrugged it off.  He didn't know how much he believed the other's tale about having been limbless before being transformed into a harthen.  In fact, with Neshae's insanity, Nathyn took everything he said with a grain of salt.
TrollingQuest Chapter 1
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